Cabernet Franc

Guide of the Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley 

“Cab-err-nay fronk”

Baudry-Dutour Loire Valley Petit Vineyard Cabernet France

Cabernet Franc is believed to have been established in the Libournais region of southwest France sometimes in the 17th Century, when Cardinal Richelieu transported cuttings of the vine to the Loire Valley. They were planted at the Abbey of Bourgueil under the care of an abbot named Breton, whose name became associated with the grape. 
The Cabernet Franc is an ideal food pairing wine and he is lighter than the Cabernet Sauvignon. He is found predominately in the Loire Valley, vinified alone and widely planted in Chinon, Saumur Champigny, Anjou and Bourgueil. 
If you are interesting about ageing this wine, the Cabernet France will have high acidity and crunchy tannins after 5-10 years.


Cabernet Franc Petit Vineyard Loire Valley